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In the 52 Multiverse, New Earth is considered the baseline of 'reality'. Time flows like a river, with a nearly infinite number of divergent streams- alternate histories that normally never intersect with one another. On occasion, these branches return, feeding back into the main flow of continuity ... sometimes temporarily, other times permanently.

The Time Stream is already weakened by wormholes which leave certain areas vulnerable to tampering. The barriers between the various Earths are fluctuating, causing alternate realities to flow into one another at random, without cohesion. People, events, entire geographies- could shift to another reality without warning, adding to the chaos.

Torchwood's Malibu branch- who already had their hands full dealing with an inter-dimensional Rift- now finds itself butting heads with the enigmatic Dr. Ripley Hunter and his 'Time Masters', revealing that the Rift is just one of many open wounds in space/time that requires their immediate attention.

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